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Since February 2022, after russia had launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine, our Armed Forces have shot down dozens of their aircraft, helicopters and drones.  
Some wreckage from them ended up in the trophy museum of Serhiy Prytula Foundation – one of the biggest Ukrainian volunteer organizations that helps our Army to defend freedom and independence in Europe. 

Our Foundation has decided to transform this wreckage into a limited series of unique artifacts, which you can get for a donation of 1000 USD to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation via this web-site.

Unique memorabilia made from shot down russian aircraft.  




100% of the raised funds will be spent on the strengthening of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ensuring the victory of the free democratic world over bloody dictatorship.  

By supporting our cause, you are making an investment not only in unique and highly collectible wartime memorabilia, but also in the Ukrainian struggle for freedom!

Support us today!
Invincible when united! 



+380 73 310 40 70

from 10.00 to 18.00 ECT 


Hotline phone:

+380 68 131 8338

About us: Наша история
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